I cant swollow those flippen pills

bascally i’ve been very tired and have been sleeping alot, i know i should go to the doctor, but i just dont have the energy too. so my sociology teacher keeps going on about vitamins and stuff (beroccas and a-z’s). so i decided to finally follow his advice.
so i went into boots and got myself some a-z vitamins. and they are absoluelty massive. i tried to swollow it but couldn’t! i had my six freinds shouting at me all different ways to do it. so i bit (bited) it instead hoping that would help it go down – it didnt. so more shouting from my friends telling me not to bite the damn thing…after ive bitten it!

so then i finally take a huge gulp of water, and it goes down. i really didnt think it would. now for the next 60 days i will be taking them again. (one a day). hopefully though i will see some imporvements…with me not being so tired all the time. if i dont get better that will just be an excuse to not go to college anymore 😀

i also joined this blog mad thing, i encourage you to join especially if you want people to view your blog – which i do. The site hasn’t offically launched yet but they are offering pre launch sing ups. so why not? thats what i say!

click one of the banners to join 😀


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