Google Page and Feeling Kinda Sick

So day two of those vitamin pills and i woke up feeling a bit sick, first if all i thought they were the pills, but i took another one anyway just incase it wasnt. and i still felt stick for most of the day. but now im feeling a bit better.

Also i was on, a forum i visit every day. and someone reported on Google now letting users create their own web pages. You can go here to check out the thread about it. or go straight to the google page here.

You need an account with google to be ‘let in’ as it were. If you dont have one email me and ill send you one. twilightown [at] gmail DOT com. Replace the [at] with @ and the DOT with . – obviously!

It looks okayish, probably one of the better free web page builders out there, but personally nothing beats a web page done by hand! i think it is done with ajax, like every other new thing google keeps popping out with.
its definetly worth a look. You can code the html striaght out if you wish on the page. You can check out what i knocked up using one of the templates in a few minute here. Im not sure what all the features can do but it most definetly looks promising.

hang on a minute i’m having a premonition – i see…i see… Google taking over the world!



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