I came…I left…I came back…I imported (at least i hope i will) Oh and myspace!

Yeah so i came to wordpress, after trying out various other web blogging places (msn space, myspace, blogger – didnt really post more than a few times on each and myspace, youll be lucky if you get one). I left to host my blog on my personal web space. But after all the flippen hassle with file uploading, web space, bandwidth, backing up databases. i have decided i am staying put here! Im just glad i didn’t delete this blog. As its the only one ive ever really blogged in properly!

now i just need to upload my posts from the version of wordpress i installed in my blogs and hope that it works! i suck with RSS!
Oh and if you are familliar with myspace then check out this funny little movie made out of sketches. it so funny coz its kinda true. MySpace the Movie.


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