I just ordered my ipod nano

yes i did this is what i ordered: http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/ but from the UK site, dont ask me whyi just didnt link to the UK site!

anyway i hope to get it by next friday! im so excited. i mean i just got my pay check and i go spending it already!

i am now broke….again πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



5 Responses to “I just ordered my ipod nano”

  1. GrafNic Says:

    Cool bit of gear those Ipods. Go ahead and spoil yourself. That’s what money is for. SPENDING.

    Nic B)

    (BTW Thanks for the link to my Blog)

  2. twilightown Says:

    yeah i will spoile away πŸ˜€ Though i have t wait anotehr month for my next paycheck! 😦

    no problem about the link. i noticed that some of the blogs that the guys on TWD had linked to mine so i thought i would repay the favour. i got everyones i could finds so hopefully i didnt miss anyone out!

  3. Boris Says:

    You may be broke, but believe me you’ll be happy!

    Got the iPod Video for Xmas, and even though I had an older iPod, there’s nothing like owning a nice spangly new one – even the packaging is sexy!

  4. twilightown Says:

    haha ‘even the packaging is sexy’ – ive never heard someone say that before! lol

  5. Boris Says:

    You just wait until you see it – Apple really know how to package a product!

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