My Gran Was Robbed Tonight :(

This day has been well really awful.

i woke up tired from my shift at waitrose last night, i watched National Treasure on DVD, that was okay. I went to work at 1pm and straight away i was shelving and doing all this 3 point check business (zzzzzzz). I finally finish work and i call my mum to come pick me up, but no ones home and shes not picking up her mobile. So i start walking home in the dark down flippen barnet high street!

I had to keep looking around me to make sure i wasnt be followed. it was creepy. Anyway i get home and all the lights are no as well as the TV but no one is in. (i don’t know how many times my parents complain at us for leaving applicances on when we are not using them). i then get a call from my mum, telling me my gran has been mugged.

i can’t believe it. She is an 82 year old woman. She was getting her money out of the cash point and some thug stole it all! i am so angry right now. My mum is with her now over there i wish i was. Im trying to find out all the details but my mum said she’ll tell me later coz she wasnts to be with her mum right now.

This is the second time my gran has been robbed. Firstly it was her home and they literally took everything!

I guess im just glad shes okay. Shes stong my gran is. 🙂 Plus my feet are killing me, ive never felt such pain!!!
on a lighter note
My ipod hasnt come yet, they said it owuld be here by tuesday…im so excited 😀

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