I am not taking the plastic off of my i-pod!

Today has been an uneventful day.

Woke up went to school for an hour then came back. Thought about having lucnh then decided i couldnt be bothered to make myself anything, so i just took a couple of slices of salami and just ate it. And thats the day so far
I pretty pleased with my i-pod nano though. All my friends keep giving me stick saying that i should take the plastic covering off of it – but i cant it protects it from all the scratches and people fingers!



2 Responses to “I am not taking the plastic off of my i-pod!”

  1. Tickles Tapeworm Says:

    I’ve heard that the Nano is notorious for getting scratched. There’s a guide to protecting it here: http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/190/94/

    I have a 4th Gen iPod, and I really wish I would have gotten a cover for it when I first got it. The display is really scuffed now, just from being in my pocket. Protect your iPod! 😀

  2. twilightown Says:

    thanks for the link ill check that out now

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