So BlogMad went Live – in beta mode anyway

Yes blogmad went live, its in beta mode so the only way you can join is by invite. So click here to join if you want adn then click on join blogMad.

though there are a few things that i dont really get!

whats with the numbers at the bottom and click whent he countdown stops. also the credits they seem to be up and down all the time, with no obvious reason why.

some of the links on the site lead me to a place called valut 59 or something like that! so then i have to go back. Also when browsing through other blogs i get this weird army blog that keeps popping up more so than any of the other blogs.
and what i really don’t understand is why i have to keep activating my blog every time i log back in.

i understand that the site is in beta mode but it just seems to me there is too much well …clicking to go from here to there. Why cant it all be on the same freakin page for goodness sake!
BlogMad seems like a good idea and all, but it at the moment im a bit iffy with it. maybe theyre just bugs and the blogmad staff need to iron them out a bit…but still i expected a little more.

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3 Responses to “So BlogMad went Live – in beta mode anyway”

  1. Pete Says:

    I’ve had some issues with it to. Their auto blog activating was giving me fits. It wouldn’t do the autologin and it wouldn’t find the code that I put into the page.

    I’m definitely going to keep giving it a chance, though.

  2. twilightown Says:

    yeah ill give it a chance, hopefully we’ll see some improvements

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