Penny for the swear box and css tooltips

Penny for the Swearbox

So at school today my friends came up with this thing – so that if they swear they have to put 5p into the swear box. we were all cracking up, they wrote out a whole list of words they were allowed to use and a list they were not allowed to use. You know all the common ones (i’m not going to list…use your imagination). It was hilarious, within less than a minute one of my friends had sworn twice…oh Adele! At the end of today there was 30p in there. Its going to be easy for me because I don;t swear, never (really) have, never will.

CSS Tooltips

So for my ICT coursework, we have to put a website together and I have chosen to create a CSS based site with no tables, although the flippen specification says that we need to have at least one table, I think i’m going to have a debate with my ICT teacher about that eventually, as it will throw off the equilibrium of the whole site. Anyway i wanted to create these CSS tooltips, but everything i tried seems to go wrong. I ended up doing some google searches and then asking on the designersblock forum. And after finally fiddiling around with it for like 4 days i finally got it perfect! Yes! you can check it out (link removed due to completing coursework) at my site Its on the contacts page, basically hover over the black and orange question marks – and a tooltip will pop up. It’s all CSS no javascript or anything 😀 :D. So thanks to the guys on the designersblock forum especially Boris who was very patient with me!

I-Pod Nano and Vitamins

So i’m lovin my i-pod nano. its still in great condition, and i’m still not taking the plastic covering off! Though i nearly freaked out today because I came very closely to dropping the damn thing! I am a bit worried thought about the battery life. It seemed to go down pretty fast, even though i charged it all the way up! I will be keeping a close eye on that.

Also i thought that maybe the a-z vitamins i was taking where working, but now i’m not so sure, i’m going to have to give it a bit longer to see the effects.

geez what an essay! I wrote it this way so that you could skip the bits that sounded boring!


4 Responses to “Penny for the swear box and css tooltips”

  1. jogblog Says:

    Maz, if you’re supposed to have at least one table in your website, then add some tabular data, problem solved!

    Cathy (Shiny Octopus/jogblog – blimey, how many names does a girl need?!)

  2. Boris Says:


    Shiny beat me to it!!

    Anyway, glad you got the tooltip working. And get your ICT teacher to pop over to Desigersblock so we can explain all about the wonders of tableless design…

  3. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. Stephanos Says:


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