Work Tonight and more CSS

I got work tonight, i really don’t want to go in. im still tired from last week!

but i have to if i want to get paid, i did think about chucking it all in, but that wouldnt be very clever of me. mainly becasue i need the cash!

I was also looking at a thread of image replacement on the designers blcok forum here. You need to scroll down a bit.
they’re talking about a phark method which is used in image replacement, it looks quite good so i might try it out sometime on my website.

Oh and i also showed the peeps on the DB forum my CSS tooltips, but they said that all the text spreads down into a column. making the site cross browser compatible wasn’t really an issue, seeing that its a school project and we can only test in IE, but now its really annoying me as i might want to use the method in the future on some other sites. so im gonna try to make it cross browser compatible.

Currently im testing it in: IE6, FF 1.07, NS 7.2 and Opera 7.5, it looks the way and works the way i want it to in these browsers but in others it screws up i think! well in IE7 it does.
Boris did offer another suggestion to fix the problem though, but this involved using javascript (i think its ajax! not sure!?) but firstly im gonna try to fix it just using css.

Well im off to sleep before i have to go and work 😦


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