Have you ever cut yourself and never even realised it?

Well i have, cut myself and never even realised it. i was working using this blademaster to open up all the flippen boxes and i look down at my fingers and what do i find? a BIG FAT cut! it bloomin hurt too.

i then get home and look at my cut hand and then realise that actually i have several cuts on my hand. i never even felt them! they hurt when i touch them but apart from that i dont even feel them.

I look at my hands under a bright light and i see that my hands are harburing more than several cuts, there is at least two cuts on each finger! now i have these ugly blue plasters arond my fingers :(.

I am also very worried about my i-pod nano. yesterday it took ages to turn on and when it did the battery was way down, i thought it owulod have lasted longer than that. so bascially what im gonna do to test it is to where down the battery until it needs to be charged and then charge it. then leave it on non stop to see how long it will take for the battery to run out.  its supposed to have a 14 houe battery life. i really do hope its just me as i really dont want to have to go throught the whole process of sending it back to apple and everything!

+ My brother came back from snowbording in Austria and immedietely wiped the computer so now as i write windows XP and 98 are both being installed.  I wonder what will come of this?

4 Responses to “Have you ever cut yourself and never even realised it?”

  1. jogblog Says:

    I’ve got an iPod video and the battery on that’s supposed to last 14 hours but I’d say it was more like 3 or 4 hours.

    Hope your computer’s ok but why are you installing 98?

  2. twilightown Says:

    My brother said that he wanted to try something out, i don’t know what…its quite hard to get information out of him

  3. Shiny Says:

    With Windows 98, the only thing he’ll be trying out is guessing how many times it’ll crash in an hour!

  4. Justin Says:

    I do that all the time, and don’t realize that I’m cut until I just happen to see it somehow by looking at my hands.

    Windows 98 SE, is probably the most stable Windows OS, second to WinXP. I would go with XP or 98 SE 🙂

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