Well my ipod nano sucks… + Star Wars old figurines i found

I mean the battery life, so far i havent got a scratch on it and i’ve had it for exactly a week now.

The battery only lasts for what is an estimation 4 hours, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less so i am now going to implment my test. The flippen thing is currently charging, hopefully it wont take too long to do that. So i will leave it charging, go and watch ER! And then tomorrow i will leave it on and see how long it lasts for, which is gonna be hard coz i got college tomorrow and i need to start actually working and listening so that i can pass my exams in the summer. Oh and that reminds me our A2 and AS resits module results come out this thursday, im slightly nervous but not thta bothered with it as i know i will have failed, but even if i do not get the grades i need i will not be resitting, no matter how many times he (my sociology teacher) tells me too.

College isnt really fun anymore, i had enough of it…so i have decided i may not go to university either, well i’ll see how i feel about it in 3 months when college is out FOREVER! i really will be singing and dancing on that day! 😀

Star Wars Figurines

Plus in my house there are some great toys that my brother got from when Star Wars was really big when it came out, there is a Darth Vader a Luke Skywalker, one of those ships that the good people fly in and the millennium vulcan, i will nick my brothers camera tomorrow if he can actually get off the PC and out into the real world and take a piccie of it. They are a bit battered and bruised but they still look like they supposed too.

Well now im off to watch ER, it looks like its gonna be a cruddy episode becasue of those really annoying Neela and Gallant love storylines. They are so predictable! At least CSI will be on tomorrow.

Oh and I watched the last ever episode of Enterprise yesterday. It was brilliant, i will be sad now that its gone, isnt it weird that when a show comes to an end the episodes get better, and as well as that i watched the last in the series of Stargate SG 1 series 8. Can’t wait for series nine, i keep having to try and control my self from going over to TV.com and reading what happens. Though i think i have a pretty good idea…

So much to say tonight i cant get it out quick enough, so im gonna save some for tomorrow.


4 Responses to “Well my ipod nano sucks… + Star Wars old figurines i found”

  1. Boris Says:

    When you bought your nano, did you charge it fully then let it drain fully. Not with my iPod, but with my mobile I found that the more I used it the better the battery life got.

  2. twilightown Says:

    well i got and started uploading songs to it and then the fully charged symbol came up, so i guess it was fully charges, i didnt let it drain completely though, but it was pretty low down and i had to keep pressing the click wheel for it to turn on, but it took ages too.

  3. Twilight Town » Invasion of the Body Snatchers! Says:

    […] If you want to know what on earth im talking about then read my previou spost on star wars figurines here. oh and i currently have no digital camera, it seems to have gone walkies. […]

  4. Jayson Says:

    I just watched the Cartoon Network Clone War series, I was really impressed, what do other people think?

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