Yahoo is not freakin Google you ejit!

Basically i am trying to get my mum all up to date with the technology lingo. So i set her up with a google mail account. (GMail in the UK, for those of you that don’t know).

Anyway, she goes to college and she wanted to try and access her email account via the college intranet. She doesnt know how to do it though, so she asks the so called ‘technological expert’ at the college. So my mum asks:

“how do i log into my Google email account?”

The woman replie “Google? Google don’t have emails….Do you mean Yahoo?”

and then goes and tries to log in using Yahoo Mail, i mean, come on! Please Your supposed to be an IT expert that everyone goes to in the college and you dont even know about GoogleMail.

When my mum told me this i laughed out loud with shock. Maybe im being a bit harsh on her, but stuff like this really ticks me off, i mean i know more than my ICT teacher does about computers and hes there trying to teach us all the basics and im there like ‘when is this boring lesson in the dark ages gonna be over?’

Im just cheesed off! Oh and i was watching the Gadget Show today, and they did a feature on some really cool mobile phones…i was like “WOW”!

Did You know?

…that the Isle of Man is the place where all the new technological advances in Europe go to first, that tiny little place off England. Couldn’t believe it, + The next generation of 3G. HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access) “High-Speed Downlink Packet Access or HSDPA is a new mobile telephony protocol and is sometimes refered to as a 3.5G (or “3½G“) technology. In this respect it extends WCDMA in the same way that EV-DO extends CDMA2000. It is an evolution of the W-CDMA standard, designed to increase the available data rate by a factor of 5 or more. HSDPA defines a new W-CDMA channel, the high-speed downlink shared channel (HS-DSCH) that operates in a different way from existing W-CDMA channels, but is only used for downlink communication to the mobile.” – nicked that from Wikipedia here definetely worth a read  + on the gadget show.

When is it on?

Mondays on Five at 7:15pm in the UK.



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