Invasion of the Body Snatchers!

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

So basically our media studies teacher gave us a lecture about us wathcing films for our exam coming up, so i borrowed the DVD invasion of the body snatchers. I put it in my DVD player and it comes up with a regin code error, so then i put it in my PC, but then i remember thats not working at the moment, so i then put it in my laptop and hey another region error. i am so flippen annoyed, because i am the only one in the whole class who could actually be bothered to do what our teacher said, and now i can’t even watcht eh damn thing.

Well at least i learnt today that it is possible to change the region that your DVD player plays on your computer. Mine is obviously set to region 2 (for europe). But i didnt want to change it to region 1 because, (1) you can only change the region 4 times! Why? I dont know, if you do please tell me me why and (2) i would only be watching this one film from a different region, i will then have to change it back to region 2, so it can play all my other DVD’s, (3) So if i did change it to region 1 then and back again that would be using up half the amount of times i can change it….blash blah…do you get what i mean
So really whats the point?!

Star Wars figurines

Bad News: The millennium falcon has flown deep into space –> its gone in the bin! as well as the fighter pilot plane.

Good News: Luke Skywalker is still around and instead i found 2 old bat mobiles and a penguin character from batman.

If you want to know what on earth im talking about then read my previou spost on star wars figurines here. oh and i currently have no digital camera, it seems to have gone walkies.

 I-Pod battery test

I am still doing this but i had to stop doing the test beacuse well i forgot to count how long i was leaving the i-pod on for, so im gonna have to do that again sometime this week.

Also my friend got a Xanga blog. But she wants it to look nice, i said i would have a look at it for her and change a few things, but i dont really have that much knowledge of Xanga, so if anyone know of any good tuts please send them my way thanks.

Vitamin Update

I do actually think that the vitamins i have been taking are starting to work, i dont feel as tired as i usually do when i come home from college, so im gonna keep taking them and hopefully this will mean a brand new ALERT Maz.


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