A2 Module results came out today and no need to be invited anymore to Google

Our A2 results came out today. Us sixth formers in the common room today were basically freaking out, some more obvious than others and other silently crying to themselves.

We had to wait all morning for the results, and finally they came at lunch time. So bascially I did really well in Media Studies, though the subject is awful, i do not recommend it to anyone. I also did very well in one of my Sociology papers. But the grades got worse as they came along, you see I took 4 Sociolgy papers. Two of them were retakes from last year. I didn’t do that badly, but it was the kind of grade that is a pass but you wish it was at least one grade higher. So I kinda failed the retakes, which is probably saying something!
Overall though, no retakes for the summer, which i am pretty pleased about!

My friends also did quite well well done guys: Roisin, Nisha, Najiya, Elaine, Marlene…Nat you need to tell me how you did. And well done to any one else who got their resutls today.

I am also in demand today, in my ICT (that’s Information Communication Technology or IT or Computer stuff for those of you that don’t know) class. We were working on our ‘fake’ websites. And every blooming five minutes someone was like “Maz can you help me” part of me wanted to say ‘No, go and get a freakin book out of the library on HTML or look it up on the internet’ at the time i was busy trying to figure out the best way to use unwated tables in my site. (Does that make sense?) I just hate it when people don’t try anything for themseleves. I mean thats how I learnt HTML, the internet and a book, plus I wont be getting any credit for ‘my work’!

Doesn’t matter I suppose, I could have said no!


Just remembered I have work tomorrrow! :(, i need to ask for time off but I really don’t want to seeing that I just started working there. Im going to have to just get it over and done with, otherwise Im not going to have any time this year, oh and I keep getting all this stuff from the Inland Revenue abdout taxes and crap like that. Its really doing my head in. I Must have filled in around 5 forms by now. Why can’t they just put it all on one form!

No longer need to be invited to Google

I don’t think you need to invited anymore to get a Google account to use google mail, etc. You can just sign up now, i noticed a sign up form here on the google reader page, scroll down to where it says “Not using Gmail or other Google Account services? Create an account now” and sign up, if not sorry and if you want an invite just comment and I will send you one!

2 Responses to “A2 Module results came out today and no need to be invited anymore to Google”

  1. jogblog Says:

    Congratulations on your results Maz!

  2. twilightown Says:

    Thanks Shiny 😀
    im just glad I don’t have to retake.

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