Xanga, Sick, Blog Links and Lazy Eyes


I have to reinstall i-tunes on my PC, which is a task that absoluetly petrifies me, not becasue i don’t know how to do it, but because it takes a long time, i also have to put all my music back onto it.

Other programs that scare me when I have to install them are Windows XP and Coldfusion. The nicest program I have ever installed is Macromedia Studio 8, or should I be saying Adobe now, or Macromedia Adobe. If you know tell me please.


I have finally decided that I do infact hate Xanga, whenever I use it I feel that it is all over the place. You also have to click several times to go to the place you want to go to. I really don’t want to help my friend Elaine any more, (1) becasue i’m tired (2) I hate Xanga and am not familiar with the codes it uses (3)I just can’t plain be bothered, but I will do it, sometime this weekend though, if your reading this Elaine, I promise, but only after i’ve done that freakin Soaps essay for Ms Madigan!


I feel so queasy and sickly today. It doesn’t help that outside it is freezing cold, with the type of rain that is cold and painful when it hits you. I think i really do need to visit the doctor soon. Otherwise one of these days im just going to keel over!

What’s annyoing me today though is that I haven’t had time to go internet surfing like I like to, find out what’s new and stuff like that, I’ve seen a few things here and there but I still need to visit all the sites I like to visit, if ony there was another hour in the day.
Blog Links

I have decided that I am going to link to sites/blogs that I visit daily or on a regular basis, becasue I like them or becasue they are a good read or packed with useful information, etc, so if I like your site/blog i’ll link to it.

Lazy Eyes

well Im knackered, work again tomorrow, that reminds me one of my section managers at work has lazy eyes. Its so weird when you look at him because it’s like he’s not looking at you, even though he’s talking to you. Its so weird talking to him because one of his eyes is over there and another is over there, it’s just so strange.

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