CSS Zen Garden submission

I was looking at www.csszengarden.com for some inspiration for my web design work. And then i just thought about my own zen garden submission. .

I know really your supposed to be a graphic artist to submit, but the more i think about it the more i want to submit my own design, then i go and actually look at the designs there and realize my design still needs a lot of work.

But i’ve decided, when i think it is ready and i’ve worked my ass off on it then i will submit it, and if it gets rejeted no one will ever know, unless i say of course.

Of course i will get the guys on the Designers Block forums to disect it so that it really is perfect.

i am currently also looking for a really good CSS book. I know all the basics, i’m talking about really advanced stuff here. I really enjoy learning CSS and i’ve learnet a lot since i was 16 (when i first started web design), so if you know of any good CSS books send me a link or comment or email: twilightown [at] gmail dot com or something!

Designers Block Forums 

By the way the Designers Block forums is a web deisgn forum, that is old but new, basically http://www.total-web-deisgn.com was set up by a magazine company called Highbury, they also ran highly popular web design magazines such as Advacned Photoshop and Web Desinger, most of the people there, read these magazines and then went on to the site. But there were problems the site was pretty bad, but the only thing that was really keeping the site alive was the members (including myself).

Anyway, Highbury basically went bankrupt and nicked a whole bunch of readers subscription money in the process. Everyone was ticked off, etc.

Then the members on the forum of total-web-design, decided enough was enough and left.  So basically we the members that were keeping the forum alive moved to www.designerblock.org/forum, this forum was also set up by the regular members. There were aroubd 10 or so regular members.

So anyway we left around a month ago and now Designers Block is a thriving forum. I encourage you to join. The members there are very friendly and they all cover a whole area of expertise from CSS to ASP. We have a lot of fun with some silly random threads, and some informative threads. Some of the members hope to expand the site and make it a kind of collective of web deisgn stuff with articles and tutorials. So again i encourage you to go and have a look and if you want to join. You are most welcome.


I am Maz on the forum, incase your interested.

2 Responses to “CSS Zen Garden submission”

  1. Sheryl Says:

    Hmm, your forum is down! Or I would have joined. =D I like these kinda forums. Yay.

  2. twilightown Says:

    the fourm, was down, thats unusual. well i just went there so its ok now.

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