Home, Page Up, Page Down, End and some Hotmail chain letters

I hate my computers mouse. Don’t get me wrong, it has all the fuctions it needs to be a mouse, but recently I have started using the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down buttons on the keyoboard. I find it far better to press a button to go down, when reading a web page rather than using the mouse wheel, or actually scrolling down via the scrollbar (which i havent used in years!)

Sometimes, when I go to a site, the mouse wheel doesn’t work meaning I have to scroll manulally 😦 or the mouse goes erratic, making the page jump up and down!

So just try it out, using the buttons on your keyboard, you might just prefer it.

Hotmail chain letters

On another note, you know those really annoying emails you get in yourhotmail account? The ones that say:

“This is from John and Andy the directors of Hotmail/MSN, we are sorry but Hotmail/MSN is closing down, please send this mesagge on to about 100 people to try and save Hotmail/MSN”

Well it goes something like that, well my brother just said to me

prat brother:“Marie, do you have MSN?”
me: yes!
prat brother: well then you better read this then. (lets me look at email)
me: You prat, this is fake, do you know how many of these i get sent in a month?
prat brother: oh i didn’t know……(make pitiful excuse)
i read 1st line of email and I can tell straight away its one of those chain emails, that get sent to everybody, from your ejit friends that don’t know the difference. One of my friends who will remain nameless sends me about five of them a month. You would think they would have noticed that its the same ruddy email they have been getting from when they opened up their emaill accounts!

This is one reason why I don’t even open my hotmail email address any more. There must be like 200 emails sitting there, but i know 3/4 of them will probably be that ruddy email! Long Live Google Mail 😀


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