I-pod and I-tunes installation

I have begun the daunting task of installing i-tunes and my i-pod back onto my pc. I can think of about 100 things i would rather be doing. It’s such a boring process. And now my i-pod wont respond, tomorrow I will be implementing my i-pod battery life test, it has completely run out of life now so tomorrow its full steam ahead.

My stupid i-pod is currently now not even bothering to respond. I really do not need this right now, i’ve had a lousy day and I think my boss heard me say how annoying i thought he was (thats the one witht he lazy eyeys by the way, not that I have anything against lazy eyes)!

Blog Surfing

I am currently surfing through blogs on Blog Mad and Blog explosion, blog explosion has decided to annoy me as well by not responding and Blog Mad has well improved since the last time I used it, currently they are giving away double credits for every new blog you visit. So get surfing, there is only about 20 minutes left though, until it goes back to normal.


I just took some pics of some old toys and my i-pod but i cannot find the USB connector thingy so that i can download the images. I’ll have to wait for my bro to come home to find it. They will probably come up pretty bad anyway. The room i am writing this in is always so dark. Maybe i’ll download Picasa again, which is an image editing tool from Google that is also free. Very good by they way it does simple things like saturation, cropping, etc. I have some screenshots below. Sorry if they are a bit small, i will enlarge them when i figure out how to using Flickr!? You can view them here anyway in a larger mode.
Picasa Main screen

Picasa Editing

Picasa Basic fixes

Picasa Tuning

Picasa Effets


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