I finally figured it all out


Something really weird is going on with wordpress. I can go to blogs but there are no entries in any of them. This is starting to happen more and more lately and its getting really wuite irritiang!


well i finally figured out how to post piccies from Flickr to my blog, took me long enough. I found out by reading the faqs on the Flickr site.

I-pod Nano Battery Life Test

So I began the battery life test at 1:15pm and it has been going for 6 hours now, thats nearly half the time they said the battery life would last. The battery symbol on the i-pod has gone down by half as well, so far im pleased with the results, but i have a feeling the battery life is just going to drop, in the next few hours!

I saw some pics on the net as well of mashed up I-pod Nano’s, im scared for my i-pod, but those Nano’s looked like they had taken more than a regular beating, at least I hope thats what it was.

Essays for Media Stuides

I have to write an hou long essay for media studies on Soap Operas. I really do not want to do this, as just learning about soap opears in class does my head in. I am seriouly regretting taking the subject now. The only subject I do enjoy is ICT.
Take note all you people who want to go into the media somehow and think that taking media studies at A-Level will help you on your way. Well it won’t, if anything it will deter you, you don’t learn about the media you learn about tabloid newspapers, celebrities and soaps. Occassioanlly you look at the odd film. Then they tell you to analyse it. zzzzzzzzzzz. The first year of media studies was a lot more fun though than this second year. It is so depressing, all the fun that we had in the first year (if any) was completely sucked out of it. You see what they tell you about Media Stuides is that its all about making films, etc wrong. You make one 3/4 minute film at AS and then a pop video at A2. For the exams at AS you have to anaylse a video and for the A2 exams you need to right about 5 essays. If you really want to go into the media and are really serious about it, i suggest you get an agent, go to castings, enter competitions. Media Studies at A-Level will not get you there.

Limited Account

My elder brother has changed my account to a limited account, which I am very angry about right now, but he has gone and scarpered off, so i am taking it out on the keyobard right now. I think he’s done it so that I don’t download anything else. I told him I wouldn’t but I guess that’s not enough for him. His excuse is, I am doing some with the computer to do with images. And he’s gone and installed a bunch of editing software (Ulead Media Pro 8, Adobe After Affects 7.0, Corel Graphics Suite, Ulead DVD movie factory 4.0, Ulead DVD workshop 2, Swift 3D and Toon Boom Studio). And that’s it no other explanation, he gone. one of these days im going to do the same thing, and see how he likes it?
Currently listening to: Savage Garden’s to the Moon and Back


2 Responses to “I finally figured it all out”

  1. Brad Says:

    With the iPods, as long as you’re just playing the thing without using the clickwheel (and thus the backlight), the battery should last a real long time. Once you start up with the backlight and start switching between songs and stuff, that’s when the battery really gets drained fast.

    The first iPod I got, I was an idiot and didn’t prime the battery. From then on, the battery meter was totally useless. It would play with the meter all the way down for about 4 hours.

  2. twilightown Says:

    yes your right, i have completed my battery life test now, and if i dont do anything it lasts for the full 14 hours. once i start clickng and stuff though it drains it right down.
    im not sure but i think the more i used the better the battery life became.

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