I-pod Battery Life Test and Middle Child Syndrome

I Pod Nano Battery Life Test Complete

I have completed my i-pod battery test. It was going for 11 hours straight, then i went to bed, so I turned it off. I recoken it would have gone on for the whole 14 hours. So yes it iwll last for 14 hours but without me doing anything like taking ages to choose a song leaving the backlight on!

So I don’t need to send it back, which Im pretty please at right now. 😀

Middle Child Syndrome

My little sister gets away with murder. My older brother is in charge and my twin is the ‘problem’ child so he gets a lot of attention. Then there is me, i get ignored, blamed for stuff i didn’t do and then my little bratty 8 year old sister rubs it in my face.
You know she turns on the waterworks and then when mum isn’t looking sticks out her tongue in my face. It is so infuritaing.
I really am thinking more and more about moving out, obviously not just yet as I don’t have enough money and am still 17, but I was thinking about going to stay in dorms if i do decide to go to uni, i know it will be more expensive, but i just need a break from my family.
I was also thinking about going travelling, not really backpacking or anything like that, maybe travel around america or somewhere like that, just get away from London and my family for a while.

Damn, just rememebred you need money to do that! Oh well double shifts at work then it is!

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