Playstation 3 Release Date set back to November

I just heard that the Playstation 3 release date has been put back till November, due to Sonys Blue Ray Disc having technical difficulties, you canread the sotry here on the BBC.

Persoanlly im gutted about this, i was looking forward to the PS3 cominng out this Spring. I guess Microsoft will be cheering!

I am also sick, in North London it is currently cold and wet, and i think there were some hailstones around lunchtime. I was wearing a pretty big jacket but im feeling a bit poorly.

Charging for my time

At college today people kept asking me to help them with their websites. I was supposed to be doing some design work for my own website but the pen barely touched the page as i heard my name being called across the room. I said to my friend i think i should start charging for my time, seriously i get more work done doing other peoples stuff.

Google is not freakin Yahoo

I should find out today wheter or not he idiots at my mums college know what they are doing yet concerning my mums email account. I swear if the same thing happenes that has been happenning for the past two weeks im gonna kill someone.

Wordpress is ticking me off

WordPress will not let me post, at all, if your reading this then it finally did, but its really starting to annoy me now!


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