Kingdom Hearts 2 + Playstation 3 dilemma

Since the release date of playstation 3 was put back to November, it may mean that people in Europe will not see the PS3 until 2007. 😦

Currently my Playstation 2 is broken, so I thought instead of buying another one, ill just buy the PS3 and then play all my games on that. Including the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2, but since the PS3 has been delayed, i will have nothing ot play KH2 on.

So i thought maybe i should just get a PS2 anyway. But then in a few months that will become ‘old’, but i don’t want to wait like a whole year until the PS3 comes out. So as you can imagine im in a bit of a dilemma, what do you think i should do?

Buy a PS2 or wait for the PS3? I currently have games sitting in a drawer that i bought at the end of last year that havent played, because my PS2 is broken, and i would really like to have at least played them once. I dunno, what would you do?

2 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 2 + Playstation 3 dilemma”

  1. StrangeNights Says:

    Buy a PS2. They are cheap enough. You might be dead next year!

    StrangeNights – The weird side of the web.

  2. Maz Says:

    it doesnt matter now anyway i can save my cash my ps2 got fixed by my brother so i dont need to worry about it any more. 😀

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