28 Days Later…

I watched 28 Days Later last night, im not usually into horror and all that gory kinda of stuff but i really enjoyed this film. I think it was more realistic horror than the usual mindless zombies that you get in films.

Plus it had some amazing shots of London deserted, its quite a beautiful city really, once you get rid of all the sucky people and the people who dont throw their litter in the bin!

check out the official website here.

Get Well Fernanda

My friend Fernanda at college was doing a backwards somersault on a trampoline yesterday afternoon, but she jumped awarkdly and landed one foot on the mat and the other in mid air, thus falling onto the hard gym floor on her back. An ambulance was called and she was discharged 6 hours later from hospital, but she is on pain killers because of her back.
So i just want to say, get well soon Fernanda.


BM had opened their doors to the public but are remaning in Beta, they are also doing a double credits day again up until midnight GMT. Blog Mad is also growing on me, it would be better if there were more blogs on there though so that i didnt keep seeing some of the same blogs 10 times in a row

Oyster Card

Why is it that compaines like to hide the prices of things on their websites? its so infuriating when you have to go hunting all over the place for a price. An example of this is London Transports website. They have all their prices on their website, but it is so damn hide to find the price you need and expensive as well. I got an Oyster Card, but i don’t really think its going to help me save money on getting aorund London.

I just want to know how much it will cost to get me from High Barnet to Angel on the Norther Line, but they wont flippen tell me! Argh!

And my mum just put milk in my herbal tea, so it tastes gross…Great!


4 Responses to “28 Days Later…”

  1. Zombie Flyboy Says:

    28 Days Later is quite good. I prefer Shaun Of The Dead though.

  2. Maz Says:

    ive never seen shawn of the dead, a ot of people i speak to say its good i need to see it it looks good.

  3. GrafNic Says:

    Hi Maz,

    Agree about the Oyster card. As far as I can see it’s a way for TFL to get my money in their bank account instead of mine. I use the underground very infrequently and was stunned when I used it a while ago for a 3 stop trip in Zone 1. It cost £6 for a return!!! Hence the Oyster card.

    How tourists are supposed to cope with Oyster cards I dont know. Would they know wheere to get them? Still. Ken probably thinks , tourists who needs them, lets just fleece them and then they can go home…

    Rant over…..

  4. Maz Says:

    i am going to be poor if i decide to live in london for the rest of my life!

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