Microsoft delay Vista + City of London University

Microsoft dely Vista 

Microsoft have delayed their release of Windows Vista till 2007, read about it here. Also Bill Gates has admitted he was wrong about IE, read the article on here.

Mr Picasso Head 

MickeyJohnnyBoy on the Designers Block forum found this great site where you can create images like Picasso, just click and drag, a few minutes of fun here at

City University 

I went to the City University Open day this morning and it was brilliant i was well impressed with their presentation.

The course i have applied to take is Multimedia and Internet Systems, the course content is excellent it covers loads of areas. The guy who is in charge of the course i feel was a bit full of himself but better that than someone who deosnt know anything or has no communication skills what so ever.

The course I would be doing is very male dominated, there were only 3 girls to about 35 boys. Im not complaning too much but it would be nice to have some female company as well. One of the downside to the course is that they will be covering stuff I already taught myself, so i feel that may not motivate me to learn, well see i suppose.
The student life looked okay, not as great as Hertfordshire. Hertfordhsire was more up to date with technology and things like that but City has more years behind it so it is quite a well establisehd university with lots of connections.

The food at City was amazing, they gave us a free lunch, i have never had such an extravagant lunch, lovely! 😀

It’s also a lot easier to get to, one tube ride to Angel station then a 10 minute walk. To get to Herts is a lot of walking and getting on buses and it will cost me more to travel in the long run.

So it is now defiently my first choice as a uni. A couple of my college friends are also hoping to go to there, so thats an added bonus.


4 Responses to “Microsoft delay Vista + City of London University”

  1. Sandeep Jain Says:

    Thanks for introducing to the Mr. Picassohead. ….Nice to see such a good blog.

  2. Maz Says:

    why thank you

  3. Sandeep Says:

    I am currently working on the project calle PicMam that is manipulating picture and wanted some idea to enhance it, got a bit of it from Picassohead, That’s why thanks

  4. Maz Says:

    well i cant take credit for everything, I go to the Desginers Block Forum: and the people on there post these great links that they find, its got a great community, with individuals who know what they are talking about from all these different fields, you should check it out.

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