All Parents fo is nag nag nag + CSS Mastery

That’s what is seems like, ill think everythings fine and then i get “MARIE!” i can’t wait to move out get my own space, i need to get away from my mad brothers and sisters and my nagging parents.

CSS Mastery

Does anyone know where I can buy this book at an online UK store. Im trying to find the cheapest price i can get for it.

Picture Editing

I am really enjoying my I-pod Nano, it’s still in pretty good condition. I have taken a picture of it, but it came out really dark even with the flash, so i fired up Picasa and to see if it can really help me to make my pictures nice, my image editing skills are non existent really. Only one of the images was really improved, ill just post the somewhat ‘improved’ pics of my nano. I need to take some photoshop classes or something!

Serentiy Ordered
I just oreders serentiy from, so I should get it around tuesday or wednesday.

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