Cheeky Sod

I just found out my brother has been nicking my CDs, DVDs etc for
ages, he doesn't put them back and i just found a whole bunch of them
out of their cases, with a number of scratches on them i might add.

I cannot stand this, it drives me up the wall since i never take any
of his stuff. He also takes things without asking. Right now i just
want to punch him one.

It is taking all my will power to not deck him one right now.

I also have a suspicion that he has been giving out my CDs and DVDs
to his friends claiming they are his, these are the ones i havent been
able to find yet, as i think they are sitting in his friends houses. If
I do find out its him i really will kill him.

My Health 

And i finally got a doctors appointment so I can find out why im so
tired all the time, but its in two weeks, i was fortunate i even got
this appointment as my doctor is all booked up till April the 20th! 


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