Nosfeartu aka Dracula

So for my Synoptic paper in June,for my Media Studies course i will
be writing about Science Fiction and Horror. So my media teacher gave
me Nosferatu, Dracula and the House of Dracula
to borrow on DVD. Now im not really into horror and things like that
apart from a few exceptions adn i really was not looking forward to
watching filmd that were made in the 1920’s and 30’s, but i was
pleasntly surprised.


This is a silent
movie made in Germany in 1922 by F W Murnau. Bascially Nosferatu
is Dracula, but Bram Stokers widow (the author of te dracula book) did
not grant Murnau the rights to Dracula, so what he did was use the
exact same story and ingeniously chaning the names.

film is an hour and a half in length and most defiently worth a watch.
At first i was a little put off by the grainy black and white footage
(nowadays were used to better HDTV and all!), but really this just made
the film more of a pleasure to watch. Obviously around this time film
was still rather like theatre, the actors in this film have to know how
to act as the story is bought across in their facial expressions and
actions. Sometimes they are somewhat over exaggerated, but this just
adds to the intensity of the film, for the hour and a half i was
sitting there watching it i was gripped.

Nowadays in horror
films we get all the special effects done with CGI (Computer Generated
Images) or prosthetics and lots of fake blood and it does look good,
but it just doesn’t compare with the old ways. I don’t even remember
even seeing a little bit of blood in this vampire film. The way fades
and wipes are used in the film are truly brilliant, i even found myself
asking how did they do that back then, without a program like Final Cut
Express or IMovie doing it all for you?

The film is rated a PG
(Parental Guidance), I don’t think they would have been able to cope
back then with films like Saw, Blade or 28 Days Later, and my little
sister (who is 8) was freaking out, the music and the tension in the
film just add to the suspense of it all. For something so simple it
works brilliantly.


This film is not a silent
movie, thank goodness, though I enjoyed Nosferatu, I do need to hear
things. Anyway this film was also quality, Bela Lagosi, who plays
Dracula in this movie is pure class, i can see why people still see him
today as ‘the’ Dracula. The guy was just plain scary.

in this film you didn’t see any blood and the bats were obviously
puppets with strings. When I saw them i did laugh out loud! But
the story is a good one and it was bought across well in the film.
Personally I think the editing is a bit dodgy as it jumps from scene to
scene, but we can forgive and forget as it doesn’t detract too much
from the film.

But I really did enjoy this film and i would most definetly recommend them to people, Horror has found a new fan!

Here are some poster images of the films Nosferatu and Dracula:

2 Responses to “Nosfeartu aka Dracula”

  1. pugs Says:

    Hi Maz… thanks for your comment, it’s nice to know somebody agree’s with me. Ha!
    I haven’t found a nice theme yet that I like on wordpress, I keep changing them around, but none seem satisfactory. 😛

  2. Maz Says:

    yeah i know what you mean, hopefully wordpress will add some more features in the near future

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