Are there no good people left in this world?

Currently it is absoluelty chucking down the hailstones in London, im sick of this cold weather, i need some heat. Enough about the British weather…

Are there no good citizens left in this world?

Yes….there are, I thought there were none. Let me tell you why.
Where I live it is illegal now to not recycle which is great and all. So we all have these recycle boxes that we put outside and the recycle men come and collect them once a week. Now I understand that these men are on a tight deadline, but do they really have to throw the boxes. This is what i saw: one of the recycle men actually threw the box back next to the house it belonged to and then did that with all the rest of the houses, he actually threw them like he was doing shot put or something! So down the whole street there were boxes scattered all over the place.
All the residents the lazy gits couldn't themselves be bothered to pick them up, then I see this man, he doesnt live down this road, becasue ive never seen him before but hes just minding his own business, he looked like he was carrying some heacy shopping as well. He put his shopping down and then started to put all the boxes back to their designated houses. Then just simply walked off, back on his way.
I couldn't believe it, i wanted to go up to him and say, hey mate thanks for that, why can't there be more people like you? Some people down where i live all they think about is themselves, i think really, we all need to be a bit nicer though, just saying please and thank you would go so far! (The little brats at my sisters school don't even know what the words please and thank you mean!!)

A-Level Certificates

We got our AS Level certifcate today about time. I was surprised at the amount of A's where on there (sadly they werent all A's ), especailly since i really can't be bothered with A-Levels anymore! Only 3 months left and my friends are organising out leaving party, they are actually making me go, i really havent got the energy to be bothered with it. But they threatend me with showing up at my house and literally dragging me there, so I will probabaly end up going.

Damn R Button

The R Button on my Laptop has decided not to work so if there are words on here that appear to have a letter missing, it is probably an R. Though it seems to be woking when you pess it had enough!

Well im off to watch the house of Dracula, should be good, but you know sequels…


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