Desperate Housewives Game

The television series Desperate Housewives is being made into a game. It will let players take on the role of a new housewife in Wistera Lane. You can read more here at

When i saw this i laughed out loud, as personally i think this game will flop big time.

And this would look good with my i-pod nano, an i-pod nano stand but i don't really need it.

Apple News

1)Apple are planning to open two more stores in the UK in Manchester and Southampton, good for them. i still havent been to my local one and that's only about half an hour away from me in the car!

2) Apple are releasing volume control for their I-pods, following concerns about hearing loss. You can read the article on here.

3)Apple vs Apple Corps. The Beatles record label Apple Corps has accused Apple Computers of breaking the terms of their agreement that they will not step over into the music industry (I-tunes and  I-pod!). A Big court battle commences. You can read more on the website here.

The Streaking Game

Tyler on the Desginers Block Forum, found this game its so much fun. Basically your streak and you have to streak for cash. A lot of fun.

And this is class…the future of Google:


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