House of Flying Daggers + Custom Sign

So I watched the film theother night and I was impressed.

It was a great film to look at, nice effects and action, but i feel the story lacked a bit too much of this and that. I feel the relationship between the three main characters was unbelievable. Especially when one of the men turned and tried to rape Mei. I think thats when the film started to lose it for me.

I came across this site today, where you can create free images, and such for example a Dummies book or a Simpsons fun, a few minutes of fun there, some of them are pretty useless but others are okay. So check it out here 

Here are a two of mine:



2 Responses to “House of Flying Daggers + Custom Sign”

  1. Justin Says:

    hmm missing the image, oh well.

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