My CSS Mastery Book Arrived

Yep it did it arrived today.

I’m so happy. I originally ordered it from but they said it wouldn’t arrive until next month and they were going to charge me £22 for it.

So I cancelled from Amazon and bought it from computer manuals ( on Saturday and it arrived on Wednesday morning, that pretty good.

I’m so glad i’m off to read the book and brush up on my CSS skills. 😀 😀


5 Responses to “My CSS Mastery Book Arrived”

  1. Mark Base Says:

    Sounds like you really like CSS.
    Have fun with that, and please share what you’ve leraned.

  2. Maz Says:

    well im still a beginner but i will share with anyone what i have learned. 😀
    well anyone whos wiling to listen 😉

  3. Justin Says:

    Awesome stuff Maz. I live in PEI, Canada, so there really isn’t dependable bookstores around here that have quality programming books, so I have to order my stuff off of Amazon, and yes it feels like it takes forever.

  4. Maz Says:

    well im just glad that i cancelled my order with them. i really owuld have been waiting for ages. arent there any other online stores that you can use?

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