BlogMad has gone a bit Mad

Yeah i tried to log in, but no such luck there are also lots of mysql stuff all over the front page.
edit:Looks like they are working on their servers or something. So they say!

One of my bosses called me up today and said would I be able to do some overtime. So far i have been able to get out of not doing any overtime becuase they didn’t have my number, now they do. Oh im so annoyed, I have so much work to do for college over the holdiays (since I left it all to this last week), and they want me to do more at work. Im going to pull the phone lead out of the socket. So that they cannot get in touch with me!


I’ve been working really hard on my website for college, i have now finished adding all the content to it, now i just have to do two more CSS styles for my stlyswitcher to work, talking of styleswitcher. It took me ages yesterday to figure out why my styleswitcher wouldn’t work. Then i realised the fault was in the tutorial and not with me. The styleswitcher uses Javascript, and it works really well. Now I just have to make everythign look nice then do the write up for it.

My Health

Ive got a blood test this afternoon, so im on the way to finding out whats wrong with me. im kinda nervous about it. Not that im squemish around blood or anything. I just hate hospitals.


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