Doodle for Google in British Schools

This blog post is on coverage from the 2006 Doodle 4 Google Competition, please visit the 2007 web page for the Doodle 4 Google competition here.

Thanks to Kirb from the My Musings blog here for pointing this out.

Google have launched a competition for people to design a Google logo that will be on the front page of for 1 day and seen by around 18 million people.

The competiton is open only to (all) schools in the UK (age range 4-18 years). So i encourage you if you are at school to get your teacher to register your school and then download the information packs and lesson plans.

All the information (rules, prizes etc) can be found here on the Doodle for Google website: or type in google for doodle in the search box and it should be the first result that comes up.

Here are the details of the prizes, again all of these can be found on the website.

Judging & Prizes

Age GroupsThe competition is open to all students attending a school in the UK between the ages of 4 and 18. Doodles will be judged in the following three age brackets:

  • 4-8 years
  • 9-13 years
  • 14-18 years

Judging Regions

For the purposes of the competition we have divided Britain into ten regions:

  • North West
      North East

Judging Process

300 Regional Finalists
The best 300 doodles from across the country will be chosen via our judging criteria. In each region, ten doodles will be selected in each of the three age groups. This means that each age group and each region will be equally represented.

30 Regional Winners
Our judging panel will choose thirty top doodles to become our Regional Winners – in each of the ten regions, each age group will have one winner. These Regional Winners will be displayed in a gallery on this website. The British public will then vote for which doodles they think best capture the theme “My Britain”.

3 National Winners
An awards ceremony will be held in London, attended by members of our judging panel and the thirty regional winners. The votes of the British people will be counted and the National Age Group Winners will be announced.

1 National Winner
The three Age Group Winners, chosen by the British public, will be put forward for one to be awarded “National Winner of Doodle 4 Google – My Britain”. Dennis Hwang, Google’s Webmaster, will pick the National Winner whose doodle will ‘go live’ on Google’s homepage for 24 hours.

judging process table

Judging Panel

We have brought together the following experts to make up the “Doodle 4 Google – My Britain” 2006 judging panelgoody bag.

* The trip is for 7 nights for a maximum of four people (at least one adult).
** All travel expenses and one night’s accommodation for the finalist and a parent or guardian will be covered.

School Registration Deadline
31 May 2006Doodle Entry Deadline
14 July 2006

Regional Winners Announced

October 2006

Online Public Vote
Regional Winners displayed on website
Public votes for their favourite

October 2006

Awards Ceremony and
National Winners Announced

November 2006

Doodle 4 Britain Report Published

November 2006


32 Responses to “Doodle for Google in British Schools”

  1. Kirby Says:

    You are lucky that you are in the UK. 🙂 Those of us in the US can’t participate.

  2. Maz Says:

    im sure google in the US will launch some other competition for u americans.

    but i am glad they are running this comp. i think it would be really great for younger children.
    i wont be entering myself though, cant draw to save my life!

  3. Justin Says:

    Indeed, I can’t my drawing abilities stop at stick people. No contest like this in Canada, atleast not yet.

  4. Justin Says:

    Wow, I just read my last comment, and it sucks. I should probably re-read things before I post them.

  5. Maz Says:

    haha no its fine. i understood it!

  6. razgar Says:

    i really like all the pictures

  7. xyra Says:

    our teacher wants us enter the competition(me and my classmates),so when we’re done designing,the teachers will choose 6 people to enter the competition.I’d hope I’m one of them…


  8. renee samuels Says:

    hi my name is renee samuels.i’m sorry for asking you this you might think im greedy all i wanted to ask you was could you send me some pictures of some of your doodles for google

  9. Maz Says:

    Well to be honest I don’t know if my school has even told the kids about it yet, it seems to me they are dragging their heels.
    so sorry i cant show any doodles.

  10. Lucy Says:

    My art teacher Mr Frimston sucks. He made us do like loads of Doodles. I looked at Year Elevens and they were worse than us year nines

  11. Lucy Says:

    So im doing loads now just to shut him up! He had better not ask us for any more

  12. jordan Says:

    Yo yo yo yo Cwmtawe Comprehensive in Wales are gonna win this years DOODLE 4 GOOGLE !!!

  13. LU;U Says:


  14. LU;U Says:


  15. LU;U Says:


  16. Maz Says:

    wow, in the 6th finalists congratulations.

  17. danielle Says:

    i got through 2 the final 4 and WALES is going 2 win cause there’s a bunch of artists in SWANSEA than in LONDON

  18. danielle Says:

    london can’t even DRAW a pencil thats *YOU HAVE BEEN CENSORED*

  19. danielle taylorz Says:

    ''swansea city is the best london bridge is falling down''hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  20. kiera Says:

    i am lucky because im the finallist and in cypress on holiday

  21. Stacie Says:

    Hi i want to vote for this competion but i cant how can i manage to vote?

  22. Stacie Says:

    hi u r *CENSORED* and i cant vote i want 2 vote aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  23. Maz Says:

    Stacie, when the winners are announced on the Doodle4Google website you will be able to vote, this will not happen until October though, so a few more weeks to go.

    Doodle4Google Website

  24. Person Says:

    Mine didnt even get into the regional finalists!

  25. Caroline Says:

    Hey everybody! My doodle got through to the top thirty! Can you please vote for me?! fnx =p

  26. Doodle 4 Google Voting « Twilight Town Says:


  27. sadie Says:

    hello my name is sadie hogarth and i entered the doodle for google competition and i thought that my entry was pretty good.I keep lookin on the different wbsites to see if i have got though but there arre no websites to go on 2 see if u have got through.It it says is that who was the winner of 2005.I hope that you read this and have a little more information tht could be required.
    Thank you very much sadie.

  28. sadie Says:

    hello its me again id just like to wish all the other competitors in the competition so good luck !

    bye !

  29. Maz Says:

    Sadie please go to the Doodle4Google Homepage to be able to vote.


  30. da best Says:

    ye ye woteva doodle for google is CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. april Says:

    that mr frimston is my cousin!!
    sorry to be off topic ahaa

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