Gerrard Named Player of the Year

I do like Football (Soccer for you none Brits) but this is the first time I will ever write about it on my blog and possibly the last. I just thought this would be worth a mention. 

Steven Gerrard of Liverpool FC, was named Player of the year. Which he totally deserves. Especially since he got some stick off the fans earlier on in the year as there were rumours about him not staying on at Liverpool, and basically being him being a bit of a traito. I guess some may have thought that it would be Michael Owen all over again. In the end though Gerrard stayed at the Pool (phew!), Owen didn't.

Im pretty glad about Gerrard winning as Wayne Rooney was also in the running for Player of the Year. Rooney got named Young Player of the Year, instead, again! Im pretty pleased that Gerrard got player of the year instead of Rooney because personally I think Roony's conduct on the football pitch is downright appaling. He is an amazing player, I will admit that but thats where the good stuff about him ends. 

You can find out more about Player of the Year on the BBC's website here


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