Job going at Yahoo

Yahoo based in the UK have a position going for a creative Designer, all details can be found here: Job Details – Enjoy!

Well I've landed myself right in it today. Bascially my friends website needs a complete revamp, before it is handed in. And i've gone and offered to do it for her, even though I havent even completly finished mine yet. As soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to kick myself. Oh well I've got a couple hours to do it before I run completely out of time. So ill open up Dreamweaver and hope the process will go quicker!


Oh I am so loving CSS!

Want to know why?

Well I have been trying to position this image on my friends website. And it just wasn't going where it needed to be becuase of all the padding, margins and other crap! But by using the position attribute in CSS, it moved to exactly where I wanted it. Who ever came up with CSS is a freaking genius! 


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