Working Hard on my CSS Designers Block entry

I've been working hard on my Designers Block, CSS Sandbox entry. It's been tough going. FireFox a few days ago was not playing ball but now its starting to all come together a little nicely. One of my problems was that FireFox does not like the names of images to have spaces in them (eg. it will not like image 1.jpg), so i had to get rid of the spaces in my image names. Kind of a stupid mistake really. I've been reading my CSS books CSS Mastery and The CSS Anthology 101, Essential Tips, Tricks and Hacks, to find out some of the best techniques to use.

Now and again I keep hitting a brick wall, I am having a bit of a problem with the png images that I keep saving my images as. I have used a lot of transparent images, but Internet Explorer 6, doesn't like transparent images. I did originally think I would just use a hack to make them transparent, but i am yet unable to find one that actually works, or doesn't invalidate my code.

So I have decided to convert my images to jpegs or gifs and give them the same type of background that appears on the web page. It's not really an ideal solution but it works.

I've still got, quite a few things to do. I've basically worked out what it looks like and positioned everything. I have had to change some things as they just weren't going to work. It now looks as close to the mock up I created a few weeks ago. Now, it's just all the little things I have to add. These are the most annoying things as I have to figure out a way of working around what I have already done.

It's hard to resist the temptation of just chucking everything in a background image, but I have come this far, so I will finish. I really do hope I finish it before the deadline. It's not looking that way at the moment though, which I am slightly disappointed at. Today i've worked on it for a good few hours and it is a lot of fun but I'm calling it a day working on it. Otherwise I will not want to do it tomorrow.

I also need to upload it to my website to see what it looks live, then I just have to enter it. But then it might not even get picked. (i'm not going to think about that just yet).

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Amazon’s Online Book Reader

It's powered by Ajax, pretty cool.

Book Reader

Right Now Firefox is not my Friend!

I am working on my Designers Block CSS Sandbox entry.

I created my background images etc all in Fireworks, I then started to code all of my CSS. Originally I was just creating a background image and then positioning everything on the html page with css, to line up witht he background, but then I thought, this is kind of a lame way to do it and its not very adventerous. The whole point of the competition is to show what you can do.   

So I thought I won't just line everything up with the background image I will use CSS to figure out a way to recreate my layout. 

But now somewhere between being a litte more adventorous and coding up my CSS it has all gone wrong.

None of the images are displaying in Firefox, and to make things worse its doing exactly what it should in Internet Explorer.

I've been sitting at my computer for a good few hours now and it was all going so well, except for the last half and hour. I just hope I will be able to fix it and send off my entry.

Oh well I guess I better go and look over everything to see what it is i've done wrong.

i love ff ususally!

Nike + Apple

Nike and Apple will be collaborating on a new product. The Nike and I-pod Sports Kit.

Here's how it works:



if the pics to small you can view on the Apple site along with more info about the product.

The Sports Kit is set for release in late June with a retail price of $29 for the sports kit not the Nano.

I love my Nano, and I reckon this might be a good resource for people who like to run with their Nano, but to be honest I'm to scared of getting the damn thing nicked all the time. So the chances of me getting some Nike Shoes to go along with that are about nil.

Vector Junkie

Adobe's Flash is a program I have tried, but never really, got very far with it. Some sites are just plain stunning or highly ingenuitive. Some you wanna cry out "Why?" (damn those long intros without skip buttons).

Having said that I know there is a heck of alot that that Flash can do, i've see it and been inspired by it. One site that i like to go to is Vector Junkie, by James Hay. On this site there is a certain page that i like to visit just to see whats new. Thats the Experiments. There are some pretty cool things that can be done here and I recommened people have a look just to see what can be done with Flash.

A few of my favourites of the experminets are the Elastic Ball,
the squares,
the springy balls,
that Far from you,
and the IK Arm Thrower.

Intel Game Demo Contest

Intel is launching a competition for people who develop games. They say its to empower game developers adn break down game development barriers. 

There are two categories to enter your game into:

  • Best Threaded Game
  • Best Game on the Go (Mobile Gaming Technology)

The prize is a share in over $80,000 that includes top of the range PC's and Intel products. Just for entering, entrants will recieve a limited-duration license to use the full suite of Intel® software tools during the contest. The content will be running till mid august.
Competition Details 

Sounds like something would be game developers should go for, especially if you are trying to break into the game industry. 

CSS 3 Linkage

W3C – Covers Everything

Joost de – Examples of CSS 3. As this site takes ages to load you can view the google cached version of the site below, click on Read More at the end of the post, for the links.

Compariosn of CSS 3 selectors – in a nice easy to understand tableCSS 3 Table – Another nice easy to read table

personally, im looking forward to multiple columns

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