Designers goes Live

Today the Designers Block Site went live. Its a site for web developers and designers of all skill levels and all ages.

You can read articles and submit your own news if you feel like it. At the moment though the forum is the sites greatest asset. With currently over 8000 articles and just over 100 members.

Who's Behind The Block?

"The history of DB is a short and fairly simple one.

Highbury Publications used to publish a web design magazine called Web Designer. The forum that supported the mag was called Total-Web-Design and is where a lot of designers helped each other out.

Late last year there was news that Highbury were in trouble and would potentially go bust. Not wanting to see a good community disappear a few of us decided to create designers block as a way for everyone to stay in touch and keep the spirit of the old forum alive.

In just over a month of being online we have attracted a 100 users and amassed over 8000 posts (some of them are even useful), so we see the forum as a fantastic success.

Now we have decided to make the site much more. Our goal is to provide tutorials, thought provoking articles on design and interviews with web designers to make the site a worthy bookmark for designers everywhere.

And, if you wish, you can help. The web is an interactive medium, sites cannot thrive in a vacuum. Which is why we are looking for ideas and contributions to tutorials, articles and designer showcases. Simply, sign up to the forum and make a suggestion, if it gets enough approval, we know we are onto a winner."

So why don't you pop in and introduce yourself to the forum, mingle with the members, find out some answer to a particular nagging question (web design related), or join in with the Friday Night Drunken threads we will be glad to see you.




7 Responses to “Designers goes Live”

  1. Justin Says:

    Awesome site. Definately a good resource.

  2. Mike Simmonds Says:

    DB has come so far in just 2months! Just goes to show what phpbb and a few nice people start off!!!

    Great site/blog btw Maz!

  3. Maz Says:

    cheers mike!

  4. jogblog Says:

    Designers Block is the place to be! 🙂

  5. Maz Says:

    it sure is…
    its becoming even better every day!

  6. Boris Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Maz, you’re a Star!!

  7. Maz Says:

    i know! i know!

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