Google Competition Launched to find Programmers

Google have launched a competition to find programmers in Europe.

Entrants will have to solve "some of the toughest computer coding challenges around". There will be 500 places in the first round and 200 in the second round.

Registration for the Code Jam competition is open for the first three weeks of May.

Details of how to enter are available at Google's Code Jam website.

Google Code Jam Website 


Edit: Here is a practice question for the competition (er…Good Luck):

Let's call a rectangular matrix monotonous if in every row and every column each element is greater than the previous one (ai,j < ai + 1,j and ai,j < ai,j + 1). Given four ints – n, m, row and col – return a monotonous rectangular matrix with n rows and m columns which contains all integers between 0 and (n*m – 1) as elements, and the element (row, col) is as small as possible. All indices are 0-based. If there are several solutions, return the lexicographically smallest (see notes). For example, if n = 4, m = 5, row = 3 and col = 3, the matrix is:

0 1 2 3 16
4 5 6 7 17
8 9 10 11 18
12 13 14 15 19

Return the matrix as a String[] where the i-th element represents the i-th row. Each row should be represented as a single space separated list of the values within the row.


2 Responses to “Google Competition Launched to find Programmers”

  1. Justin Says:

    Why can’t Google come to Canada with these contests already 😦

    I would love to be a Google programmer…free food would rock my socks off.

  2. Maz Says:

    Im sure Canada will get their turn. 🙂

    Though having said that they seem to have done every country (eg.Brazil, India)other than Canada and America, I guess they already have enough staff or something in Canada and America. (I dunno!) 

    I have edited the top post to include a practice question that Jimmy from Designers Block got from the site. 

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