Dreamweaver 8 Update

For those of you that don't know yet, a Dreamweaver 8 Update was released today.



4 Responses to “Dreamweaver 8 Update”

  1. jean Says:

    I have used FP but now I use Dreamweaver its excellent. Infact the url given below, I did the entire site by dreamweaver, the back-end ofcourse.


  2. Maz Says:

    i tried frontpage a couple of times and i really didnt like it. im a huge dreamweaver fan. it has great css support!
    it looks good what you have done in DW.

  3. Justin Says:

    FrontPage is Microsofts biggest mistake. It might be easy for new web designers, but the code sucks, and speaking with a web hosting perspective, the FrontPage extensions that are needs to run FrontPage are flakey at best. I love MS but I hate FrontPage.

    Ranty MacRant.

  4. Maz Says:

    well at least you still like MS, a lot of people just write them off! I admit sometimes i have problems with their software etc but really they are only little things.
    MS should probably bow their heads in shame at FP.

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