The Ajax Based OS

Linspire is preparing a new Linux-based operating system that uses AJAX as the interface for all of its applications and documents.

"The value of ajaxOS is that it is AJAX-aware, so any compatible file will be recognized by AJAX applications.
Double-clicking on any known file type will launch an AJAX application to edit the document. All of this is available now, except this also means any browser that can support AJAX can also support these applications."

Linspire will also be offering onlien storage called a locker, so files can be saved and you can also listen to MP3's.

Want more go here and thanks to MJB for pointing this out on the DB forums.


One Response to “The Ajax Based OS”

  1. Jamari Says:

    Hi All Experts,
    I want to use AJAX (Asynchronous JAVA script with XML ). How can i Optimize the site SEO.
    as Java script and flash is not recommended by search engines. Any suggestion or help is welcomed. With Regards.

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