Jamie Kane

Sounds like some kind of pop star or something right? Well yes he is, but not a real pop star. Let me start from the beginning.

Jamie Kane is actually infact a game. A game available to play at the BBC website. It has been around since 2005, but I only just discovered it a few weeks ago. And its taken me 15 or so days to finish it. Why so Long?

Well basically, you play yourself in this sort of RPG game and you join a forum dedicated to the late and great Jamie Kane. There are other members (their not real) on the forum who all love Jamie Kane and bascially they have set up a fansite dedicated to their hero Jamie Kane, who recently just died in a Helicopter Crash. Or did he?

You see something is wrong, something doesn't add up. You and the rest of the forum members (there is about 5 of you in all) must try and solve the mystery that is surrounding Jamie Kanes death.

The game is made up of a lot of very fun and sometimes addictive mini games and to help you progress through the game you have to chat to the forum members using the special Instant Messenger (its very clever the way this has been done).

Every day a different game is unlocked to you and you have to solve the game to solve another puzzle around Jamie Kane's death.

I highly recommend this game. It's a lot of fun and quite addicitve, you have to sign up to play. Then fill in some information about yourself. (The game will rely alot on you getting emails from them, so you will need an email account). The BBC don't pass on any of your details, and then the information is used when you are playing the game to make it a more realisitc gaming experince. If you want to stop playing you just delete your account and thats it! If you get stuck there is a nice little help section to help you solve the puzzles. Its all safe and user friendly. So check out the Jamie Kane website for yourself.


In the next coming weeks im going to have a huge game linkage post. Of all the online games I think are worth playing, so watch this space.


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