Free CSS Cart Update

The is down, they have made countless promises but have not delivered. I would encourage you not bother with them any more, I am hearing now of other developers looking to do something like this (a css shopping cart). I’ll keep you all posted if I hear anything.

The site have updated, firstly on May 1st showing a small run down of what will be expected over the next coming days:

  • Within 15 days – Complete Feature List
  • Within 30 days – Project Overview
  • 30 – 60 days – Screenshots
  • 30 – 60 days – More Surveys

They then updates again on the 15th of May, saying that teh CSS Cart will be more then we expected to be, as well as that they will be launching a forum.

This list may surprise you! freeCSScart will be more than you thought it would be, but it is also different. So check out our full feature list and save your thoughts and suggestions for the forum that we will be launching here within 30 days. (Link to the full feature list will be available soon.)

So, its all looking good, I would have posted this sooner, but the seem to be a bit dodgy with their updates. (They didn’t post any updates when they said they would!)


14 Responses to “Free CSS Cart Update”

  1. Justin Says:

    I’m pretty psyched about this as I need a shopping cart for a project that I’m working on, but am not going to need it for a long while. So hopefully I won’t need it till a beta comes out, or perhaps the full release.

  2. Maz Says:

    well lets hope that this one will be worth it!

  3. Crewd Says:

    It seems as though the site updated again, not quite what expected, but I think you all will like it.

  4. John Ryan Says:

    It’s disappointing they haven’t ‘officially’ called it a day. It’s been nearly a year and no-free-css-cart. The net result of this apparent ‘pipe-dream’ is holding back other developers from taking the task at hand and producing a css tableless shopping cart a lot earlier in the piece.

    While they debate a hosted RoR solution for the next 12 months, it’s time for the solution so we’re going to produce one – as we should have 6 months ago.

  5. Maz Says:

    yeah, from what ive seen from the latest post on the site they haven’t actually started coding it yet, as they were asking their members on ther forum, whether it should be coded in PHP or Ruby. PHP won so i guess that’s what it will eventually be developed in.

    i think your right about the ‘dream’ of the css cart holding other developers back from doing their own, so go for it. i know a few people who would love to get their hands on it!

  6. Harlow Says:

    So, its kinda funny I bought the domain about a year ago to work on the same kind of project. I have since successfully launched several sites, but not open-source. I’ve found it hard to make (1) cart that fits everyones needs. If anyone wants to beta-test the core code, I’ll be happy to set you up. I think i’ll initially take on 4-5 sites and help out on the initial integration. Take feedback from there, and then release source to 15-20 sites. Does anyone know of a good resource on how to roll this kind of project out?

  7. csscart | project info Says:

    Essentially the same idea as free csscart: a web-standards compliant cart, but all php and not a hosted solution.

  8. Maz Says:

    Harolw, I know some people who may just be interested in your css cart. I rekon I could get you some beta testers. I’ll send oyu an email.

  9. Jesus Says:

    That site is a damn joke… i really wish people would just ignore that place.

  10. MA Says:

    FreeCSSCart is a hoax. Multiple promises were made for delivery, but nothing was delivered, not even a screenshot. The website is now down.

  11. Maz Says:

    thanks for the info.

  12. Florin Says:

    It’s a hoax, but someone can takeover the project, as it is a very nice one!

  13. Freehunk Says:

    Yes, Free Css Cart is DEAD…every time they give new promise..

    If yo check the first month of post on their blog it was way back in March 2006, so it’s been over 2 years..

    People at Free Css Cart – STOP MAKING FALSE PROMISES..

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