Nike + Apple

Nike and Apple will be collaborating on a new product. The Nike and I-pod Sports Kit.

Here's how it works:



if the pics to small you can view on the Apple site along with more info about the product.

The Sports Kit is set for release in late June with a retail price of $29 for the sports kit not the Nano.

I love my Nano, and I reckon this might be a good resource for people who like to run with their Nano, but to be honest I'm to scared of getting the damn thing nicked all the time. So the chances of me getting some Nike Shoes to go along with that are about nil.


One Response to “Nike + Apple”

  1. jogblog Says:

    I haven’t had my iPod Video that long so not sure I can justify the expense of getting a Nano too, plus then I’ve got to buy the chip and the new shoes, altogether that’s probably going to be about £250 😦

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