Working Hard on my CSS Designers Block entry

I've been working hard on my Designers Block, CSS Sandbox entry. It's been tough going. FireFox a few days ago was not playing ball but now its starting to all come together a little nicely. One of my problems was that FireFox does not like the names of images to have spaces in them (eg. it will not like image 1.jpg), so i had to get rid of the spaces in my image names. Kind of a stupid mistake really. I've been reading my CSS books CSS Mastery and The CSS Anthology 101, Essential Tips, Tricks and Hacks, to find out some of the best techniques to use.

Now and again I keep hitting a brick wall, I am having a bit of a problem with the png images that I keep saving my images as. I have used a lot of transparent images, but Internet Explorer 6, doesn't like transparent images. I did originally think I would just use a hack to make them transparent, but i am yet unable to find one that actually works, or doesn't invalidate my code.

So I have decided to convert my images to jpegs or gifs and give them the same type of background that appears on the web page. It's not really an ideal solution but it works.

I've still got, quite a few things to do. I've basically worked out what it looks like and positioned everything. I have had to change some things as they just weren't going to work. It now looks as close to the mock up I created a few weeks ago. Now, it's just all the little things I have to add. These are the most annoying things as I have to figure out a way of working around what I have already done.

It's hard to resist the temptation of just chucking everything in a background image, but I have come this far, so I will finish. I really do hope I finish it before the deadline. It's not looking that way at the moment though, which I am slightly disappointed at. Today i've worked on it for a good few hours and it is a lot of fun but I'm calling it a day working on it. Otherwise I will not want to do it tomorrow.

I also need to upload it to my website to see what it looks live, then I just have to enter it. But then it might not even get picked. (i'm not going to think about that just yet).

Sneak Peek of My Design Entry

For those on DB who are interested, here are some little screenshots of what my design will look like. Nothing amazing, but its gonna be blue.


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