Just Saw the Superman Retuns Trailer

It looks amazing, I am a huge Superman fan, but unfortunately it doesn’t come to the UK until July 14th.

You cna view the trailer, on their MySpace page here: www.myspace.com/supermanreturns


Who Wants a Google Analytics Account?

I have TWO Google Analytics accounts (statistics for your site), going spare so if you want one comment or send me an email at: twilightown [at] gmail [dot] com, (reaplce the [at] with @ and the [dot] with a .) or get in touch with me via Designers Block, I’m Maz on the forum. No Catch, its just sitting in my inbox looking pretty.

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how visitors found your site and how they interact with it. You will be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI and improve your site to convert more visitors.

We believe that web analytics should be simple and sophisticated at the same time. We have designed Google Analytics to have enterprise level capabilities and yet still be accessible to anyone who wants to improve their marketing and site design. Google Analytics delivers all the features you would expect from a high-end web analytics offering and provides timesaving AdWords integration features.

From the Google Analytics Website.

Bump Top 3d Desktop Prototype


This product has now been launched in a free and paid for version, check it out now.

This is a prototype desktop called Bump Top that imitates real life document behaviours, but in a 3D space. Eg, stacking documents on top of one another, or throwing them around.

You can watch the video on You Tube, it’s about six minutes of demonstration of what the 3D desktop can do. The product home page can be found here.

This looks very interesting, but personally I think that it looks sort of messy,  and I really want to know why there aren’t any document names on the document. Then again I guess it is still a prototype.

Information Courtesy of MJB on DB.

Google Modules

Get content for Googles personalized homepage: http://www.googlemodules.com/

Information Courtesy of MJB on DB.

Star Wars Remastered

I recently purchases the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi), and I noticed that it had been all digitally remasterd, so I thought great it's going to look really good.

So I come to watch it and I notice that there seems to be a whole load of digitally aniamted characters, and I see that they have replaced some of the puppet work or model work (whatever it was) with CGI.

I wouldn't usually be bothered with something like this, but the more I watched of the trilogy the more I became disgusted with it, personally I think replacing characters such as Jabba the Hut with CGI was a really stupid move, It's like they have done it just because they can, maybe they had the idea of making it look better, but really, in my opinion it made it look worse.

They should have just used CGI to make it look better, kind of what they do to Disney films to make them brighter. That would have been enough, I'm sure, but instead they have to play around with it. The model work in Star Wars, I think was what made it such a ground breaking film in the first place and now I feel some what let down, the whole thing runied my enjoyment of the trilogy.   

I had a good mine to send the DVD's back, but then I thought, the chances of getting a copy of the trilogy on DVD that hadn't been remasterd would be pretty slim, so i'll just have to make do. I am a fan of CGI, but I think that the industry has started to use it excessively and instead of making films better it is making them, in a way samey to every other film that uses CGI.  


I had my first A-Level exam yesterday for Media Studies. We had to right three 4o minute essays in 2 hours and I completely mucked it up, I am so disappointed with myself, especially when I had been doing so well with all my previous Media Studies work. Well at least I will never have to face it again.

I answered the question on British Soaps, nearly fell asleep as I was writing that one! Then I got to the question about film genres and I nearly laughed out loud at the question because it was one that we had seen before in a practice paper. So I started to write that then realised I forgot what we wrote in the practice essay, so I then blagged my way through it and didn't finish with a proper conclusion. The last essay was on the British press and I found that one the easiest, I even ran out of things to write about.

So right now I'm thinking, it's maybe a D or C, well there really is no way to know so I'll just have to wait for the results – 2 months away! Argh!  

Another FreeCSSCart Update it’s all looking good

The freeCSSCart.com has done a major update this time around, firstly they have added the feature list they promised, based off of the survey that over 1000 people took. Here is a short run down of some of the best features the the freeCSSCart boasts, that's better that Os-Commerce, Zen Cart and X-Cart

  •  Admin Panel
  • Ajax Driven
  • Stats
  • No Monthly fees
  • CSS Support (Yippie!)
  • Control look and feel
  • SEO (Web Standard)
  • It's Free
  • Integrates with existing site

These is just a small list of what the freeCSSCart is offering, view the full features for yourself at www.freecsscart.com/features.

Secondly the site for the freeCSSCart also looks like its about to be launched, I say about because there is still a lot of lorem Ipsum text about. The site is looking very nice, all Ajax driven (I think), they have also added a comments form for people to get in contact, so check it out now. 

It's all being developed by these guys Frunder

Roll on another update.