Got a New Mobile

Got a new mobile this week a Samsung D500, and I’m loving it, it’s quite an old(ish) phone, as there is an upgrade for it now, I think the Samsung D600. It’s got bluetooth, camera and quite a bit of space and it looks kinda stylish.  

Its only downfall is that the menu is a bit over the place and I wish the buttons were a bit larger and I wish adding more memory was possible, apart from that it’s a darn good phone, I just wish I knew how to get pictures (or videos) from my phone onto my PC. 

Oh and another things that annoyed me, I bought the phone online from but they opened the phone and inserted the sim card in it. So when I tried to put a different sim card in the phone was locked to O2. I was pretty angry at that as I wanted to use my old sim card, it was so much hassle moving from T-Mobile to O2 as I was happy with T-Mobile, they gave me no problems, but O2 thats a story for another day!




2 Responses to “Got a New Mobile”

  1. jogblog Says:

    Nice looking phone Maz!

  2. Maz Says:

    cheers shiny!

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