Recommendationds for books

I'm wanting to develop my web skills further by bringing my site up a notch, making it more intereactive etc, can anyone recommend some good Ajax books (or just general web 2.0 books). I prefer to learn via tutorials from a book with a step by step process. So any recommendations would be greatley appreciated.

As well as that some recommendations on design for websites, as my design skills are non existent. Currently I am just using Fireworks 8 to do my deisngs but they lack imagination! 

2 Responses to “Recommendationds for books”

  1. stuart Says:

    love the site, a good book I have used is Ajax in Action, I’ve got a pdf copy if you’d like to browse it.
    Another good book is DHTML Utopia from sitepoint.
    For design I use photoshop and illustrator.
    Another good book for design is Pantone guide to communicating with colour by Leatrice Eiseman.

    PS the site I have listed is a new one which is still undergoing some work, appreciate any comments you may have.

  2. Maz Says:

    Thank you for your recommendations, i will check those out.

    Yes i wouldn't mind browsing the pdf copy of the book, if its not any trouble.

    Well firstly nice site and nice use of CSS. When i first check out the site i usually go to see whats wrong with it and i have to say, there wasn't really anything that was really bad.

    Nice use of colour and i'm liking the rollover links. one thing i did notice was that your page doesnt validate: mot-forget-me-not-validation. so i would recommend you sort that out.

    I only had a quick look at the site, but if you would want some real feed back i recommend a forum i go to called designers block:, full of lots of professionals who know what they're talking about and its pretty friendly. so i would recommend going there, just drop by the random rubbish forum and introduce yourself, I'm maz on the forum. 

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