Another FreeCSSCart Update it’s all looking good

The has done a major update this time around, firstly they have added the feature list they promised, based off of the survey that over 1000 people took. Here is a short run down of some of the best features the the freeCSSCart boasts, that's better that Os-Commerce, Zen Cart and X-Cart

  •  Admin Panel
  • Ajax Driven
  • Stats
  • No Monthly fees
  • CSS Support (Yippie!)
  • Control look and feel
  • SEO (Web Standard)
  • It's Free
  • Integrates with existing site

These is just a small list of what the freeCSSCart is offering, view the full features for yourself at

Secondly the site for the freeCSSCart also looks like its about to be launched, I say about because there is still a lot of lorem Ipsum text about. The site is looking very nice, all Ajax driven (I think), they have also added a comments form for people to get in contact, so check it out now. 

It's all being developed by these guys Frunder

Roll on another update. 


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