I had my first A-Level exam yesterday for Media Studies. We had to right three 4o minute essays in 2 hours and I completely mucked it up, I am so disappointed with myself, especially when I had been doing so well with all my previous Media Studies work. Well at least I will never have to face it again.

I answered the question on British Soaps, nearly fell asleep as I was writing that one! Then I got to the question about film genres and I nearly laughed out loud at the question because it was one that we had seen before in a practice paper. So I started to write that then realised I forgot what we wrote in the practice essay, so I then blagged my way through it and didn't finish with a proper conclusion. The last essay was on the British press and I found that one the easiest, I even ran out of things to write about.

So right now I'm thinking, it's maybe a D or C, well there really is no way to know so I'll just have to wait for the results – 2 months away! Argh!  


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