I Won the Designers Block CSS Sandbox Comp

I Won the Designers Block CSS Sandbox Competition for June, I’m on a high right now, you can view the entry on the site here, after they uploaded it I noticed a few things wrong with the entry such as the background gradient not just stopping mid page in wider browsers and some text being too far over to the right. So I fixed them by just changing a few things with the CSS, they havent got round to uploading the fixed version of it so I uploaded the newer one to my site here.

Any feedback would be appreciated, this is my first time I have ever really done anything like this with CSS as I’m a beginner, so far though people seem to like it, Iknow its not CSS Amazing but at least it works right?

Find out more about the ongoing comptition on Designers Block.


3 Responses to “I Won the Designers Block CSS Sandbox Comp”

  1. Maz » Blog Archive » I Won the Designers Block CSS Sandbox Comp Says:

    […] I am not going to repeat myself, read all about it here. Posted by Maz Filed in Uncategorized, Twilight Town, Designers Block […]

  2. GrafNic Says:

    Hey Maz,

    Congrats on winning the Sandbox. That’s one nice design. Nice simple, fresh and clean. I like it.

    U done good. Keep up the good work.


  3. zainal Says:

    Hey maz 🙂

    Congratz , lovely one .
    keep up the good work ..

    m0o ..

  4. Maz Says:

    thanks nic and moody, you r comments are appreciated

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